1. *After paying registration fee: For first preliminary round – upload self video of singing song and it has to be unedited, no karaoke or instruments allowed, only vocals video clip.
    2. *The singer should be clearly visible head-to-waist in the video and there should not be any kind of special effects, or transitions or graphics in the video.
    3. *Camera position should be horizontal and at the eye-level of the singer.
    4. *The background should be plain white or very light color.  You could use a wall or a screen.
    5. *Audio should be very clear with no background noise. You can use headphones or hand mic for recording.
    6. *In the video first Introduce yourself (your name, age, city) and give 30 seconds to 1 minute pause/gap before starting the singing.
    7. *Give 30 – 60 sec pause/gap after singing is done and do a Namaskar. *Give 30 sec pause/gap after Namaskar and say thanks to Voice of World and the judges.
    8. * If you are using smule app, you can separately record Namaskar and Thanks video clips using a camera or phone using the same video standards. (take video in horizontal position).
    9. These three video shots will be used to make an interactive video in the editing of the final video which will be telecast on Channel 5 YouTube channel, Facebook or Instagram.
    10. Name the video file with singer first & last name and phone number. (Ex: Arige-Naresh-9030140600.mp4).
    11. You can upload your video on after paying the registration fee.
    12. You can sing any song of your choice in Hindi and Telugu, but it has to be from a movie.
    13. Please let us know the file name that you sent to us by email once you upload it on our website. Email:
    14. After preliminary round selected participants will upload link maximum 4 minutes long and unedited video clip with karaoke track.
    15. Audience poll – will be there in preliminary and other rounds along with judge’s points, so invite your friends, families to vote to make you win/qualify for next rounds.
    16. This is not a TV show and the completed episodes will be published on our YouTube or our Facebook Page or Instagram account So please like, subscribe and press the bell icon so that you will be notified when the episodes are published.
    17. For any payment related issues pertaining to registration you can contact us on
    18. The total prize money for this online singing contest is INR. 1,00,000.

Please make sure that you read all the rules and regulations of this contest, which are mentioned below in our Terms & conditions.

For any queries and further details please contact Voice of World Team by emailing to or whatsapp: +974 33219899