Channel 5 is one of the well-known YouTube and Facebook channel in Doha, Qatar which covers News, Events, Sports, Cultural Programs and Interviews. Channel 5 has won many awards for its news and events coverage in Doha, Qatar from well-known groups which are affiliated to ICC under the patronage of Indian Embassy, Qatar.
Cric Qatar is headed by Syed Rafi which is one of the biggest cricket tournament organizer in Doha, Qatar with more than 400 cricket teams registered with us. Cric Qatar is one of the leading cricket technology platform helps the teams, players, team captains, to manage, follow and experience Cricket Like Never Before. CricQatar is known for online scoring, ease of navigation, comprehensive management and is absolutely loved by all the teams of Doha, Qatar.
The core people behind the success of CRIC QATAR are Syed Mukarram, Mohammed Atif, Zeeshan Qazi, Mohammed Irfan, Mohammed Mustafa, Gadde Srinivas, Ravi Gudikandula, Amjad Khan, Syed Gulrez, Preeti Trivedi and Pankaj Trivedi.
Doha Music Lovers Group is founded by Syed Rafi to nurture the talent of budding and aspiring singers/artists of Doha, Qatar. The group comprised of well known singers and artists of Doha namely Mohinder Jalandhary, Jaweed Bajwa, Shiva Priya, Swati Dhavala, Priti Vikramnath, Mohd Arif, Aslam Cheneyery, Rohan, Madhu and Ram Ravindran. The Group has bagged many awards & appreciation since its inception.

M.Paul Records is one of the well known registered musical records company which was established in the year 2015 in Delhi, India.  M.Paul Records is very mcuh passionate about Music and till date has come out with end number of Musical Videos and cassettes. M.Paul Records would like to nurture the budding talents across the world.

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Humanity Cares is a registered non-profit charitable organization based in Hyderabad, India. As you know that we stand committed to the betterment of the society and are always the first move when a calamity strikes
In line with our commitment to serve the society we are donating masks, personal protection equipment, test kits, blankets, ration and food to the needy in Hyderabad, India, who are affected by the recent COVID 19 outbreak.
We will not be able to fulfil our commitments had it not been for your continued support. We take this opportunity to thank all our Supporters & Donors for their support and trust in us.

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