About Us

Channel 5 – Voice of World Online singing contest in Hindi and Telugu is going to be one of the biggest singing competition that offers the best platform for all aspiring singers to showcase their talent, irrespective of age and region. As anyone from any part of the world can participate in this online singing competition, provided they can sing in Hindi or Telugu.
This is an opportunity to showcase your singing talent to the world. Channel 5 in association with Doha Music Lovers Group comes out with a talent search intended to provide an annual entertainment in the form of singing and at the same time, give out the Channel 5 – Voice of World title to the Winner along with cash prize. All nationalities and genders are welcome to join what is often referred to as the “Talent Olympics” for a unique chance for singers to celebrate themselves and their talents.

Channel 5 –Voice of World will gather the world’s best singers in one place year after year. This will offer them the opportunity to demonstrate their vocal talent and prowess by competing for the Voice of World title. This will give singers and the public a unique, high quality, and unforgettable experience.

We would like to see this singing contest as one of the highly respected vocal & performance development program presented by Channel 5 in association with Doha Music Lovers Group. The format of this singing competition will be online with online voting followed by Judges votes. Review our terms & conditions  and rules to get an overview of how the contest operates. Take a look through our website, which is truly one of a kind.

Remember this competition is not about who wins and loses, it’s all about showcasing your talent to the world.  We work hard to offer a great opportunity for singers at all levels. Sure, someone is going to win but our objective is to offer a great growth and learning forum for all our singers at all levels.  For our youth, it’s a great step forward and positive experience with the joys of performing. For our experienced singers, it’s a chance to strut their stuff one more time and hear that applause yet again.

Welcome to  “Chanel 5 – Voice of World Online Singing Contest”. It’s going to be a fantastic season and we are very pleased to have you with us.


Promote singing talent in individuals who aspire to shine and showcase themselves to the world. We hold the value in creating excellent experience for all participants to let them shine and be proud of who they are and the talent they possess. To achieve this, we believe in working with partners and sponsors very closely to generate quality standards and value in this competition.


To create a competitive platform so as to encourage the best in music creativity and performance. This Competition will be a unique and significant artistic event on the national and international stage and will reveal the best of our musical talent.   Whether it is sport or music, a competitor needs commitment, discipline, personal sacrifice, priorities and heart, all of which are necessary for success on competitive platforms. Success for many will be the participation, for others it will be raising the trophy.